A recent update: Blizzards in Nova Scotia

The big story here today — and the story that will be big for the rest of the evening — is the blizzard that is currently sitting right over top of us. Almost 70cm of snow has fallen in the valley (that’s 27.3 inches for you Yanks) with another 20cm (8 inches) expected by midnight. To make this all more interesting are the 100 kilometer/hour winds (or 62 mile/hour winds, depending on where you live) that are whipping the snow around.

We can’t get out of our house. The snow on the back porch is waist deep and we can’t even see over the drift that is in front of our house. The dog is having a nervous breakdown because every time he has to go pee, it’s a twenty minute event — Mum and I have to gear up and go outside and try to clear a space for him on the front step. The province has declared a State of Emergency for the first time in history. We haven’t lost power yet, but I have a funny feeling we may lose it for a while sometime tonight.

It’s days like this that I remember why I want to move to Vancouver — where today it was sunny and warm. I think I hate Nova Scotia.