Oh the oats

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Went to Vivocity with my friend yesterday! YEA! Vivocity is one of the largest and newest mall in Singapore, and it is located right across Sentosa, and has a great view on the top floor…That being said, I have to admit that the real reason I wanted to go to Vivocity was because a friend told me I could get steel-cut oats at a supermarket called Naturally Marketplace there! I’ve been getting quite low on the supply of my Whole Foods steel-cut oats I brought all the way from America, and have been searching high and low throughout all the supermarkets in Singapore for these oats, but all they seem to sell are instant and quick-cooking types! BOOOO!! I like my oats as least refined as possible…What about you? Creamy vs. crunch when it comes to oats? I’ll take crunch any day.

That said, this is what I found to my delight in Naturally Marketplace!

Bob’s Red Mill organic steel-cut oats! Actually it’s so much more expensive than what I’d pay for in America, but money is no matter so long as I satisfy my oat fix. God, I sound like an oat druggie addict.

By the way, just wanted to also share this great brand of rolled oats I found in NTUC…

This was about the only old-fashioned oats I could find, and boy do I love it! It is much less refined than Quackers, because it takes a longer time to cook and the result is a gorgeous nutty bite and crunch that I absolutely love! I much prefer this brand to Quackers!

Check out the whole grains in the oatmeal cooked from these oats! Love love love it~

Lunch was again quite the usual…

Cooked spinach, omelette with 1 whole egg, 2 egg whites, onions and cheese, and a slice of PB and J toast!

I never seem to tire from this omelette…Sorry for the repetitious eating, but eggs and dairy are my main source for protein because I’m not much of a meat eater. The PB & J was delicious…The classic American sandwich; whoever first invented this combination is pure genius~

I didn’t really get the chance to pick up an afternoon snack as I was pretty busy (window) shopping, so I was mighty glad I packed a package of jackfruits with me on the way…

Yum! It’s been so long since I had jackfruit…It has a sweet honey fragrance, and is extremely cooling and sweet…The texture is rubbery and silky at the same time…Ah, can’t explain it, but you’ve got to try it out for yourself!

We had a very early dinner around 6:15 pm because she was hungry…I was sort of hungry too because of the lack of a substantial afternoon snack, so we headed to the food court. We circled the area twice wondering what to eat…and I’m embarrassed to say I got WANTON SOUP again!

Okay, I swear that I seriously considered getting something else…I wanted to get the sliced fish soup at first, but then Angeline said the fish looked anorexic, and then I looked elsewhere and the words FRESH SHRIMP DUMPLINGS caught my eye like a neon signboard in an empty dark street…How could I resist? I was glad I got the wanton soup, though, because the wantons really did taste fresh…

Check out the whole shrimp inside each precious dumpling! These dumplings were huge, and there was also some kind of minced pork paste together with the pink shrimp…The soup was also quite flavorful…I enjoyed each dumpling with a liberal amount of chili…Heh.

Now on to the best course of the day…Guess what I picked up on my way home? What is pungent and stinky to others, but orgasmically delightful to me? What is spiky and hideous on the outside but rich, pale and creamy on the inside? If you guessed durians, give yourself a round of applause!!

I bought 3 whole packets of these! Buy 2 get 1 free, so how could I resist? I inhaled two of the packets and brought the remainding home (I stunk up the train quite badly in the process), which was devoured by my hosts. Then at night I also ate 2 servings of oatmeal and also a disgusting amount of almonds and cashews. I think I just overdid myself today. My stomach is in some kind of shock. But durian makes it all worth it…muahahaha~