Having a good laugh

I have had the best time yesterday night with my friend. It was awesome in so many ways. First of all, she got a pay raise, so she treated! Second of all, she chose to dine in our favorite place, Out of the Pan! But best of all, we had so much fun!

We chatted and laughed at everything. Don’t you love doing that with your friends? Being in such an euphoric high of camaraderie and jovial mood that you laugh and crack jokes about the stupidest and most random things? I thought I almost cracked a rib, and food flew out of my mouth a few times.

One thing I regained back during my time here in Singapore is my ability to relax, enjoy social activities, and just…laugh. Oh, to laugh freely and naturally! I missed that carefree burst of cackles, spilling out from deep within me with no restrictions or awkwardness. After not being able to have a real laugh for so many years, I was pleasantly surprised at how beautiful and delicious it felt to be able to do such a simple, basic thing. To all of you who laugh on a regular basis, take a second to relive the moment, and give thanks for it, because there truly is nothing as sweet and pleasant as a good, jolly laugh.

Tra la la~

Oh, yeah, on to food.

I know many of your are rolling your eyes at our choice of venue at Out of the Pan again, but I swear I tried to suggest other venues to her! But she really craved Out of the Pan (who can blame her?) and since she was treating, I was in no position to oppose her wishes. 😉

This time, I ordered the Tandoori Chicken in whole wheat crepe:

Chicken marinated in spices and baked in tandoori oven with cucumber in mint chutney

I’d actually debated getting the Norwegian Salmon again for its wonderful creamy pistachio cheese, but I’m so glad decided to order something different because this was freaking awesome!!

The chicken was so nicely marinated with all sorts of lovely spices, and was so tender and flavorful!

And the mint chutney with cucumber…Obviously, I would love it because it’s this brilliant green, but it was such an interesting and complex chutney. It was both spicy and bold yet refreshing and cool at once, and complemented perfectly with the tandoori chicken.

She, however, was not so lucky with her choice of Honey Soy Chicken in sundried tomato crepe:

Grilled honey soy chicken with sauteed organic leeks in garlic shoyu

Truthfully, I didn’t think it was that bad when I tasted it, but she complained that it tasted weird, as in, too Asian. I guess the combination of crepe and strong Asian flavors just did not match.

It looks pretty good, though, doesn’t it? I thought the filling would actually be delicious with Shanghai pancakes, or on top of fragrant jasmine rice.

While she was complaining about how strange it tasted, she shoveled it down and was done before I was halfway through mine. Ha ha!

We also ordered a side dish of tortilla chips and guacamole:

They were terrible. I thought the guacamole was way too sweet. I think they added honey or something in there, but the sweetness was just overbearing for me! She liked it, though she couldn’t finish it.

Today is a “relax” day. As in, no eating out, because I have discipleship training meeting at church tonight. After all the extravagant, interesting eats I’ve had, I was actually craving something really simple for lunch today. Which was a good thing because since I’m leaving on Sunday, I can’t buy any more groceries and really needed to clear out whatever’s left in the fridge.

I decided on a simple cheese-omelete sandwich:

Two whole wheat bread, slathered with blackcurrant jam, encasing a 2-egg omelet with huge handfuls of Parmesan cheese and chopped red onions, a small sliced tomato.

Well, okay, maybe it’s not that simple. The blackcurrant jam might seem like a strange addition, but it’s gave a very pleasant fruity bursts of sweetness to the sandwich.
And do you see that glob of melted gooey cheese in the egg? Yum!

After eating this I still felt a bit empty, so I ate some roasted pumpkin (or winter squash) as well:

So today is a simple simple day, but sometimes simplicity can be so comforting and enjoyable! I hope all of you have a great day, enjoying all your simple pleasures of life!

Question of the day: What are some really simple things in life that make you happy?

For me: Curling up in my bed with a good book, sipping on a fresh-brewed cup of coffee in the morning, taking a walk by myself in the breeze, my daily poop exactly between 12-2 pm, hugging a loved one, crunching on ice during a hot day, a brief stretch before bed.