If you want to be a professional photographer, then you will need an excellent camera. You should check the top professional Digital SLR Cameras listed below.

Nikon D4:

The Nikon D4 is fastest and tightest professional camera from Nikon. Price: $4,810.00 to $5,999.99 (body only).

Pros: The Nikon D4 is the company’s first ever full-frame DSLR. It is a perfect camera for sports and action photography. It can produce 16.2 Megapixel beautiful, well defined photographs. The video of the Nikon D4 is in full 1080p HD and excellent quality.

Cons: For the added functionality the battery life of the Nikon D4 has decreased. So it is not really a con. Its vertical and horizontal shooting experience could have been better.

Nikon D800:

The Nikon D800 is one of the best professional digital SLR cameras available in the market for the professional nonsports photographers. Price: $2,320.00 to $4,998.00 (body only).

Pros: The Nikon D800 has full-frame FX sensor and only few professional digital SLR cameras come with a full-frame FX sensor. It has an extremely high-resolution monitor of 921,000 pixels. It has 170 degrees wide-angle viewing. It can produce 36.3 Megapixel photographs and has a fast focus and performance. This solid built camera can produce excellent videos.

Cons: The Nikon D800 has no remarkable disadvantage. Its grip is small; the lifetime of its battery should be more. Its speed of shooting still image is slow.

Canon EOS 5D Mark III:

The Canon 5D Mark III is a “superstar” camera. Price: $2,549.99 to $3,790.00 (body only).

Pros: The Canon 5D Mark III has a wide range of autofocus options. Its image quality is breath taking. It is great for both still and video shooting. Its AF system is accurate, powerful and fast. It has updated feature set with more configurabilityover its predecessor.

Cons: JPEG photos at low ISO sensitivities are not as excellent as other features of this camera. Because of noise in deep shadows its dynamic range is limited. It has no AF illuminator

Canon EOS 7D:

Comparing the price it delivers an excellent quality. Price: $880.00 to $2,269.99 (body only).

Pros: It can produce excellent quality images because of the 18MP (megapixel) resolution. It can produce good quality video (1080/720p) with a range of frame rates. Its 8 frames per second in RAW is really a great feature. It has a flexible autofocus system. Its battery life is also good. It is solidly built and weatherproofing and it is cheap.

Cons: It has no built-in AF illuminator. It has Single card slot. It has noisy popup flash motor. Its video autofocus is not fast. If you hold it for long it feels heavy.

Olympus E3:

Among the midrange DSLR’s the Olympus E3 is a good choice. Price: $1,399.99 (body only).

Pros: it is ideal for the outdoor photographer because it has tough build quality and it is dust and splash-proof. The Olympus E3 has effective built-in anti-shake and anti-dust feature. Its photo quality is excellent. It has articulating LCD and fast autofocus

Cons: Considering the price its 10.1 megapixels resolution is low. It has small LCD and higher noise above 800 ISO.

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