We survived the blizzard!

What a morning! After yesterday’s record snowfall, we had to try to get dug out. It ain’t happening. Mum and I (well, mostly me but she helped) spent three hours this morning digging a trench through our yard. It’s 2 feet wide — just enough room for us to walk from the house to the road. Our main problem is the length of our driveway — it’s over 500 feet long. We normally get it plowed, but the plow guy has already broken two plows today, so it might be awhile. But we have a way out in case of emergency, so we’re content to wait.

As usual, I used this as an opportunity to drag out the camera. Here’s the page that I quickly threw together. For your reference, I’m the one in the brown coat, my mum’s the one in the darker coat, and the dog…well, he’s the short brown one. Also, note the one picture where the snow is up to my chest. That is not a trick shot or the result of the plow going through — that’s actually the height of the snow that is current at the end of my driveway. It’s also the reason why we’re not in that big of a hurry to get out LOL