The blizzard is over

I’ve never been so happy to see the snow plow guy in my entire life. We had been a little worried, because he started to plow us last night and then stopped and left, and we didn’t know why. Turns out there was too much snow for his plow so he had to borrow a backhoe to get us out. He had to charge us a little more, but that was fine. Hell, I would have given him anything he wanted — cash, my stereo, sexual favours. Fortunately, all he asked for was thirty bucks.

We just came back from a quick trip to the StupidStore. We’re now all stocked up and ready for the next storm, which is supposed to start some time this afternoon. But you know what? I’m not that worried about it. After the last couple of days, getting twenty centimeters of snow is like a gift. I never thought I would actually say that LOL