My Love for George Foreman

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Hello everyone. Meet my new best friend…

Mr. George Foreman! Whoever this guy is who invented the best foodie machine on Earth, I hope you’re single because I freaking ADORE you!

Okay, that didnt come out right…but seriously. No, seriously— I’m hitting myself over the head for not having made acquaintance with this little fella eons ago.

I remember once when my dad went to home depot to pick up some necessities and ended up coming back home grinning with a big box of George Foreman grill. My mom and I berated him for spending money on “frivolous and extravagantly unnecessary” things and ordered him to return it back. Chastened for being wasteful, my poor daddy reluctantly obliged. Little did we know we were making the most foolish mistake in our life!

I’m amazed at what this $8.88 thing from Wal-mart can do. It’s so quick and simple, too! I’ve been playing around with it any chance I got, and wheeee! What fun! Let me just share a two things I’ve made with this guy, though. I don’t want to overwhelm you with too much amazing food, lol.

What I love most is that you don’t have to just grill hamburgers in this thing. And why the heck would anyone want to get a separate panini grill when this works just as well? It’s so versatile!

Check this out:
Fresh Fig and Brie Panini

One side smeared with honey-mustard sauce and topped with fresh figs, the other with thick slices of brie and topped with balsamic-caramelized onions.
Slapped on a thick crusty ciabatta (cut into 3/4 because apparently that’s the way to do it?)…
Grilled for about 2 minutes in the George Foreman!

Ooh~ Hot and crusty and chewy!
Some figs crept out, but that was okay because they got nicely caramelized by the hot grill pan!

And then, grilled sandwich #2:

Raspberry preserves, cheddar cheese, pickles, smoked turkey

Don’t look at me like that. It’s freaking good, I swear! The sweet preserves, the gooey sharp cheese, the sour pickles, and the smoky turkey…
Awesome midnight snack. I reckon it’s great for hangovers, too. I tell you, this George Foreman is perfect for college students, both the nerds and the party-ers!

By the way, I can’t believe a week has already gone. Things are really heating up and I’m getting bombarded by assignments and essays and readings, but yeah, I’m still enjoying it.

I love mingling among the busy students, participating in discussions and pretending to be smart, texting my friends at 2am in the morning, and being pressed on a tight schedule constantly. I seem to thrive in such an academic environment, and actually relish the pressure! I’m actually able to finish college in three years, but I think I might just drag it out a year more…hey, USC is paying most of my tuition fees anyway! 😉

Psst! By the way, many of you seemed astounded that I managed to take a picture of my professor in class…Well, I’d like to think that he’d be honored to be featured in my blog! Haha! But honestly, he is pretty cool and I don’t think he’ll mind. 🙂

Oh, and tomorrow is another special day…I’ll be having a small LA blogger meet-up! I won’t reveal the special people yet, though some of you might already know. I’ll update about our blogger date soon! >.< P.S. I had no idea it’s National Panini Month! How appropriate and just in time, eh? 😉