Fair and balanced government updates

The first Martin government budget was released today. There was nothing really earth-shattering announced, but there were some interesting points made and some money well-spent. There was some help given to students with an increase in student loan money and the default ceiling raised. Some people are complaining about a program that is being implemented for low-income families — children born after 2003 will receive money in the form of grants to help the families save for post secondary — saying that low-income families don’t save money and that the answer is to reduce poverty. Personally, I think the best way to get out of poverty is to be given the opportunity to start saving, but that’s just my opinion. People are complaining about the lack of funding for defense, however there was a slight increase in the amount that DND gets AND personnel who are deployed in “hostile environments” are going to get tax breaks (they don’t have to pay income tax for their entire tour!) so I think that balances out. As usual, there’s always going to be someone complaining about something because you can never please the entire country. But it seemed to be fair and balanced and that’s the important thing. I’m happy with it.