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Stephen Harper’s Prison

Stephen Harper jumped out to an early, commanding lead in the Conservative Party leadership race as votes were counted Saturday.

The former Alliance leader was revered within his old party for his stance on gay marriage (he’s against it), pot legalization (he’s against it), and immigration laws (close the borders). If he were to become the next Prime Minister, we would be looking at a Bush-like government. Basically, we would lose every freedom and liberty that has been given to us over the last ten years by the Liberal party. I know that the people of Canada are really pissed about the Liberal scandals that have been surfacing lately, but I think that we really need to give the new government a chance to clean up from the old one before we do something stupid and make Stephen Harper the PM of Canada.

A Boring Update

I’ve been so bored all day, it’s been ridiculous. I spent most of the day doing school work that I wasn’t interested in. There’s nothing on TV tonight because Survivor was off last night (we’ll miss you, Ethan!). And the weather is kinda crappy.

Dad is coming home next weekend, which makes me think about moving out next week. Or killing myself. Whichever one is cheaper.

Jersey Girl has been getting some awesome reviews — I can’t wait to go and see it next week. Anybody want to tag along?

Yeah, that’s my day. Shoot me now.

The definition of my blog

According to the Pseudodictionary, the definition of the world superflicious is “Deliciously superfluous; e.g. That extra two pounds of chocolate sprinkles on my ice cream cone sure was supeflicious.”

Yeah, I know — of all the words to choose, I decide to use this one. But as soon as I read it, I loved the word and I knew that I had to use it. So, for better or for worse, that is the name of this new site.

I’m having no problems with MT (knock on wood) so I have a feeling that the problems I was having with A Blog had more to do with the transfer of the archives and less to do with the actually installation of the program. I haven’t gotten the old site up for archives yet, but I’ll work on it this weekend.

The blizzard is over

I’ve never been so happy to see the snow plow guy in my entire life. We had been a little worried, because he started to plow us last night and then stopped and left, and we didn’t know why. Turns out there was too much snow for his plow so he had to borrow a backhoe to get us out. He had to charge us a little more, but that was fine. Hell, I would have given him anything he wanted — cash, my stereo, sexual favours. Fortunately, all he asked for was thirty bucks.

We just came back from a quick trip to the StupidStore. We’re now all stocked up and ready for the next storm, which is supposed to start some time this afternoon. But you know what? I’m not that worried about it. After the last couple of days, getting twenty centimeters of snow is like a gift. I never thought I would actually say that LOL

The Blizzard Continues

Halifax is having a hell of a time cleaning up from Thursday and now there’s news of another storm that is supposed to hit NS tonight, dumping another 20-25 cm of snow on us. We’re hoping to get plowed out in time to run to the store, but we’re also not holding our breath.

We survived the blizzard!

What a morning! After yesterday’s record snowfall, we had to try to get dug out. It ain’t happening. Mum and I (well, mostly me but she helped) spent three hours this morning digging a trench through our yard. It’s 2 feet wide — just enough room for us to walk from the house to the road. Our main problem is the length of our driveway — it’s over 500 feet long. We normally get it plowed, but the plow guy has already broken two plows today, so it might be awhile. But we have a way out in case of emergency, so we’re content to wait.

As usual, I used this as an opportunity to drag out the camera. Here’s the page that I quickly threw together. For your reference, I’m the one in the brown coat, my mum’s the one in the darker coat, and the dog…well, he’s the short brown one. Also, note the one picture where the snow is up to my chest. That is not a trick shot or the result of the plow going through — that’s actually the height of the snow that is current at the end of my driveway. It’s also the reason why we’re not in that big of a hurry to get out LOL

A recent update: Blizzards in Nova Scotia

The big story here today — and the story that will be big for the rest of the evening — is the blizzard that is currently sitting right over top of us. Almost 70cm of snow has fallen in the valley (that’s 27.3 inches for you Yanks) with another 20cm (8 inches) expected by midnight. To make this all more interesting are the 100 kilometer/hour winds (or 62 mile/hour winds, depending on where you live) that are whipping the snow around.

We can’t get out of our house. The snow on the back porch is waist deep and we can’t even see over the drift that is in front of our house. The dog is having a nervous breakdown because every time he has to go pee, it’s a twenty minute event — Mum and I have to gear up and go outside and try to clear a space for him on the front step. The province has declared a State of Emergency for the first time in history. We haven’t lost power yet, but I have a funny feeling we may lose it for a while sometime tonight.

It’s days like this that I remember why I want to move to Vancouver — where today it was sunny and warm. I think I hate Nova Scotia.