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Oh the oats

Went to Vivocity with my friend yesterday! YEA! Vivocity is one of the largest and newest mall in Singapore, and it is located right across Sentosa, and has a great view on the top floor…That being said, I have to admit that the real reason I wanted to go to Vivocity was because a friend told me I could get steel-cut oats at a supermarket called Naturally Marketplace there! I’ve been getting quite low on the supply of my Whole Foods steel-cut oats I brought all the way from America, and have been searching high and low throughout all the supermarkets in Singapore for these oats, but all they seem to sell are instant and quick-cooking types! BOOOO!! I like my oats as least refined as possible…What about you? Creamy vs. crunch when it comes to oats? I’ll take crunch any day.

That said, this is what I found to my delight in Naturally Marketplace!

Bob’s Red Mill organic steel-cut oats! Actually it’s so much more expensive than what I’d pay for in America, but money is no matter so long as I satisfy my oat fix. God, I sound like an oat druggie addict.

By the way, just wanted to also share this great brand of rolled oats I found in NTUC…

This was about the only old-fashioned oats I could find, and boy do I love it! It is much less refined than Quackers, because it takes a longer time to cook and the result is a gorgeous nutty bite and crunch that I absolutely love! I much prefer this brand to Quackers!

Check out the whole grains in the oatmeal cooked from these oats! Love love love it~

Lunch was again quite the usual…

Cooked spinach, omelette with 1 whole egg, 2 egg whites, onions and cheese, and a slice of PB and J toast!

I never seem to tire from this omelette…Sorry for the repetitious eating, but eggs and dairy are my main source for protein because I’m not much of a meat eater. The PB & J was delicious…The classic American sandwich; whoever first invented this combination is pure genius~

I didn’t really get the chance to pick up an afternoon snack as I was pretty busy (window) shopping, so I was mighty glad I packed a package of jackfruits with me on the way…

Yum! It’s been so long since I had jackfruit…It has a sweet honey fragrance, and is extremely cooling and sweet…The texture is rubbery and silky at the same time…Ah, can’t explain it, but you’ve got to try it out for yourself!

We had a very early dinner around 6:15 pm because she was hungry…I was sort of hungry too because of the lack of a substantial afternoon snack, so we headed to the food court. We circled the area twice wondering what to eat…and I’m embarrassed to say I got WANTON SOUP again!

Okay, I swear that I seriously considered getting something else…I wanted to get the sliced fish soup at first, but then Angeline said the fish looked anorexic, and then I looked elsewhere and the words FRESH SHRIMP DUMPLINGS caught my eye like a neon signboard in an empty dark street…How could I resist? I was glad I got the wanton soup, though, because the wantons really did taste fresh…

Check out the whole shrimp inside each precious dumpling! These dumplings were huge, and there was also some kind of minced pork paste together with the pink shrimp…The soup was also quite flavorful…I enjoyed each dumpling with a liberal amount of chili…Heh.

Now on to the best course of the day…Guess what I picked up on my way home? What is pungent and stinky to others, but orgasmically delightful to me? What is spiky and hideous on the outside but rich, pale and creamy on the inside? If you guessed durians, give yourself a round of applause!!

I bought 3 whole packets of these! Buy 2 get 1 free, so how could I resist? I inhaled two of the packets and brought the remainding home (I stunk up the train quite badly in the process), which was devoured by Wengang and Liwen (my hosts). Then at night I also ate 2 servings of oatmeal and also a disgusting amount of almonds and cashews. I think I just overdid myself today. My stomach is in some kind of shock. But durian makes it all worth it…muahahaha~

Trying new eggs

I had quite an eggy day today! I had eggs steamed into a custard, eggs beaten into a flour batter, eggs fried into an omelet, and eggs pressed into tofu!

I had a great day today…Despite stuffing myself last night, I still got hungry for my breakfast! To tell you the truth I’d considered forgoing breakfast with just some fruits and yogurt, but when my stomach started growling I decided, Screw ED, I want a decent breakfast or I’ll be giving ED leeway to further restrictions during the day! So I had my usual bowl of oats, fruits, and yogurt…

Just couldn’t resist taking a pic of my fruit medley…A feast of colorful fruits: mango, dragonfruit, orange, pear, pineapple, apple…

And also a bowl of yogurt with chopped apples and cinnamon, yum~ This is my absolute favorite combination.

Lunch out today! I’d originally planned to eat at the food court, but she wanted to eat Japanese cuisine, so she took me to this Japanese restaurant. This was a really cool restaurant…each table had access to a conveyer belt totting all sorts of different sushi, and also a personal computer to order food!

Looks fun, doesn’t it? You just pick out what you want whenever you want…

I’m not much of a sushi fan because I hate rice, so I was glad that there were a lot of other options in the menu as well…and two dishes popped out to me most…The chawanmushi and the okonomiyaki! I’d always wanted to try chawanmushi (Japanese savory egg custard) and okonomiyaki after reading about them in some blogs, but could never find a Japanese restaurant that sold them in America. So these two dishes were on my “to-try” list in Singapore, so I was super glad to see them on the menu!

To tell you the truth, I’d been delaying trying out the okonomiyaki because…it incorporates three of my fear foods: refined flour, oil, full-fat mayonnaise. Okonomiyaki is basically Japanese pizza; it starts with a basic flour and yam batter to which all kinds of ingredients are added, and then pan-fried and topped with a drizzle of mayonnaise. Although I really wanted to order okonomiyaki, I took a long time deciding to finally order it because of this stupid ED fear. But then I told myself, what the hell are you doing? Why are you denying yourself what you want? When else are you going to have the chance to order this dish? When are you going to stop hiding in your comfort zone and try some challenging food for once? Challenge yourself today, or you’ll always be giving in to ED!

So that’s what I ordered. A chawanmushi and an okonomiyaki…

The chawanmushi was so good, like a savory custard! It came with a piece of shitake mushroom and a few slices of fish cakes, and was so smooth and creamy; it practically glided down my throat in sweet ecstasy…

And boy was I glad I ordered okonomiyaki because this was absolutely fabulous! Crunchy and crispy on the outside, while creamy and hot on the inside with little pieces of octopus and cabbage, topped with bonito flakes and complemented with that perfect tang of rich mayonnaise…I thoroughly enjoyed each and every bite of this perfect, dainty little Japanese pizza…One more fear food conquered, hooray!

AND another challenge…Took a bite from Jingwen’s cha soba! Noodles and pasta is still a huge fear food for me, though. I might sample it from a friend’s dish, but I doubt I still have the courage to order a whole dish of noodles for myself…But working towards it!

After lunch (which took almost 2 hours because we had a long talk and the waiter forgot our orders), we cruised around Street, got bored, so walked over to Raffles City and wandered around there. Honestly though, shopping can be quite boring and frustrating for me now because I am way too skinny to be able to buy any clothes that fit…Even the smallest size just hangs on my skeletal frame like a potato sack! I can’t wait to gain the weight and actually shop and buy something instead of just staring enviously at the clothes…

On the way home I picked up a packet of jackfruits again, and also munched on some pineapples which I cut up as soon as I got home.

Dinner was omelette and veggies again, but with something else added in for vareity sake…Egg tofu!

Haha, doesn’t my dish look like a smiling face, sort of? I marinated the sliced-up egg tofu with soysauce and black pepper, then pan-fried them on the frying pan so that the exterior is charred and crispy while the interior stays soft and creamy…Yum! So good especially dipped in some sweet chili sauce!

For my midnight snack I had 2 servings of steel-cut oats cooked with coffee and cocoa…I only remembered to take a picture of this at the last few remaining bites!

See the individual little pieces of oat groats? Great chewy texture! So wholesome and satisfying! Even though the resulting amount when cooked seems less than the oatmeal cooked with rolled oats, it took me longer to finish this bowl! Less refined, more substance, more satisfaction!

Really happy that I managed to try something new today, and am looking forward to trying that awesome okonomiyaki again someday!