Sweet salty and refreshing

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Did I mention that I had begun writing about my experience in anorexia? Well, reflecting back each memory, meditating on it, and writing it down have so far been incredibly…

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Flavored veggies

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Again, going with the “gourmet” theme, I am going to share two more “gourmet” lunches that I had yesterday and today. But first, yesterday’s breakfast, because it was different. I…

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Oh the oats

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Went to Vivocity with my friend yesterday! YEA! Vivocity is one of the largest and newest mall in Singapore, and it is located right across Sentosa, and has a great…

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Trying new eggs

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I had quite an eggy day today! I had eggs steamed into a custard, eggs beaten into a flour batter, eggs fried into an omelet, and eggs pressed into tofu!…

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Revisiting an oldie

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Remember when I said I would try okonomiyaki again? Well, who knew it would be so soon? My church small group and I convened at a Japanese restaurant for a…

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Mango Frozen Cream Cake Recipe

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This mango cream cake that I brought to the potluck dinner was a smashing hit! Out of 5, I’d rate it….a whooping 5!! It was that good…Perfect for a hot…

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Fair and balanced government updates

The first Martin government budget was released today. There was nothing really earth-shattering announced, but there were some interesting points made and some money well-spent. There was some help given…

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Medical Marijuana in Canada

Ottawa has announced a new project that will be starting soon: Health Canada plans to make government-certified marijuana available in pharmacies, a move that could boost the number of registered…

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Is the world going crazy?

I decided to name this post "why is the world going crazy?" because it's something that I've been thinking about for the last couple of days. The first time that…

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Top 10 Canceled TV Shows

There are very few things more depressing than having your favorite TV show cancelled by money-hungry television execs. So many good shows are cancelled every year, not because of a…

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